About Us

Just 4 God's Purpose
          In 2017, God encouraged our family to start Just 4 GP. At the heart of our company is the desire to affirm God's glory and love through our products. He has blessed us in many ways, has encouraged us with continued success, and allowed us to be a blessing to our customers through our creative works. As we continue to take small faith steps, we know that great things will follow.
          Just 4 GP is a home-based business that provides quality custom crafts and supplies at an affordable price. We currently print designs with a high quality vinyl  and white toner transfers that can last up to 10 years, but will soon be expanding our services to include other creative medians; all while working toward opening our first store in Charlotte, NC. 
          As we enter our fourth year of service, it is our hope to continue sharing the joy that has been given to us with everyone we encounter. We know this is God's purpose for our family and for our business.