Frequently Asked Questions

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Designs must be high resolution (300 DPI), and have a transparent background. Our team can remove backgrounds or change colors for a $5 fee.

*Low resolution JPEGS or screenshots will result in low quality prints.

*Large, solid designs such as photographs, will eventually show cracks.

*We can not print from screenshots of mockups.


Orders can be placed HERE .

Step 1. Choose the width you would like your design to be

Step 2. Choose the quantity you need for the that size.

Step 3. Upload your design file (We accept PNG, PDF, TIFF, AI, PS, and SVG)

Step 4. Add to cart

Step 5. Repeat the above steps for each design, or for each size you require.

While on the shopping cart screen,

Step 6. Click yes or no for the "Background removal" question.

Step 7. Choose your "Need By" date

Step 8. Leave a note for us (optional)

Step 9. Checkout

Yes, our transfers will work on any color cotton.

Eco Solvent Transfers:

Step 1: Using a heat press, pre-press your tee to remove moisture and wrinkles. (We also like to use a lint roller during this step)

Step 2: Remove the protective sheet from the back of the transfer.

Step 3: Center your design on the garment and press at 300 for 15 seconds.

Step 4: Peel the carrier sheet off while it's still hot.

Step 5: Cover with butcher paper or a teflon sheet and repress for 5 sec.

Step 6: Enjoy your new T-shirts!

White Toner Directions:

After reading the directions below, please watch the following video prior to applying your transfer There are some slight changes as we are using an upgraded paper type.

Step 1: Using a heat press, pre-press your tee to remove moisture and wrinkles. (We also like to use a lint roller during this step)
Step 2: Cut around the edges to remove any white glue near the edges of the sheet.
Step 3: Center your design on the garment and press at 270 for 25 seconds.
Step 4: Remove the garment from the heat press and allow to completely cool prior to removing the transfer sheet (ie cold peel)
Step 5: TIGHTLY roll the transfer sheet away from the design. (Do not simply lift or pull. Please see video)
Step 6: Cover and repress for 15 seconds.

Step 7: Wait 1o seconds before removing the protective sheet to avoid removing part of your image.
TIP*** please use non-wax parchment, teflon, or butcher paper for a matte finish
Step 8: Enjoy your new t-shirts! 

No. Applying transfers requires heavy even pressure and heat. We are unable to achieve that ideal pressure and heat with handheld equipment

Step 1:

Calibrate your heat press with a contactless Infrared Temperature Gun. Heat presses can have variable temperatures which cause uneven heating.

Step 2:

Add more Pressure! Transfers need to be pressed with heavy pressure.

Step 3:

Test your fabric. Some materials do not work well with transfers/printing. 

Step 4:

Repress! If your transfers is "sticking", use a tighter hand roll to remove it, or start from a different corner.


As of May 16, 2021, our turnaround time is 3-5 business days. While many orders are completed within 48 hours, there are times where a specific design or garment may take longer to produce. 

The amount of time it takes once your item is shipped, depends on the service you choose at checkout. (i.e.: 1st Class, Priority, Next Day, etc.)

***Please note: many delivery carriers are no longer guaranteeing delivery dates. For additional information, please visit the carriers website.

Shipping companies have been experiencing delays due to Covid-19 and are no longer guaranteeing delivery dates. Packages are often held at the post office for a few days before it is scanned into their system. Unfortunately, our staff can not provide additional information on your tracking number. 

Unfortunately, packages are being marked delivered, but arriving the next day. If unable to locate it after checking with your neighbors, please give the package an additional day to arrive. 

If it has still not arrived after the additional time, please contact the carrier. 


We are unable to accept returns on custom items. If a mistake was made on our part, please email us at to have a replacement made.

Care Instructions

Please hand wash with a gentle detergent and hang to dry. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. If wrinkled, please turn you garment inside out. Do not apply heat directly to the print.